Cancun, Mexico



May 22, 2006, Tony DeCicco, Fishing Fleet Report for El Cid Caribe Resort, Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Mexico:

I had awesome fishing aboard the Pescador I on May 22, 2006, from Puerto Morelos, Mexico. I caught several large dorado and my first marlin catch and release.

We didn't stay at the El Cid Caribe hotel as we own a time share in Cancun.

However, I highly recommend this organization.

They offered to pick us up and drop us off at our hotel, gratis. This is a 30 mile drive each way for them. They offered the same deal to anyone at our hotel. I passed along Mario's business cards to a couple of my friends who are in management at our hotel.

The marina is brand new. They said that the old one was destroyed during the hurricane. It's very clean, not very crowded as there is a lot of new construction going on.

We were fishing less than 20 minutes after leaving the dock which was very nice. Sure beats the 1.5 hour sailing time we had the past couple years. The price, I thought, was very reasonable, especially considering the free transportation.

The boat was okay. A swivel fighting chair would be nice. The chair they had was not mounted to the floor and moved a bit as we hit some 6-8 foot seas, and it was hard to keep the fish straight out. Minor details. He said they would work on these details.

The fishing equipment was pretty new. We fished with what appeared to be Penn Senator 114's, 4 of them, off the stern and a 5th rig, a gold series Penn International, up on top controlled by the captain. There were no outriggers on the boat, but there was a downrigger. We fished with straight hooks with ballyhoo. One bait had a skirt on it, none of the others did. We fished with 40 pound test on all rods which made for a bit more challenging fishing.

We were going to go a second time but out friend in Cancun had to work and, believe it or not, we were exhausted from all the great fishing.