Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2005, Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Fleet, Cabo San Lucas fishing report, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Cabo San Lucas had another excellent fishing week resulting in an overall catch rate for all species combined of 89 percent.

Eighty-five percent of Pisces' sportfishing charters were able to catch striped marlin.

The Cabo San Lucas fishing vacation area had rough weather on the Pacific at the start of this period, with windy evenings and whitecaps most of the day, making it a little difficult for charter boats to get up to where the fish were.

Fewer boats went up to the Finger Banks this week, as the striped marlin began showing up in better numbers at the Golden Gate Bank.

Triple and quadruple marlin days were not uncommon.

"Blue Thunder" decided to give the Finger Ban a try and ended up with 13 fish released for Gary Sumner and party from, Arizona.

Terry Hesch from Duluth, Minnesota, fishing alone, released six striped marlin on November 27th aboard "Tracy Ann", as well as boating a nice 44 pound wahoo, a released 50 pound Mako shark, and an additional marlin.

"El Gallo" had eight fish for Jorge Valenzuela and friends, all from Cabo San Lucas.

Yves Jouitteau all the way from France fished with his friend Chris Raffette from Los Angeles aboard "Tracy Ann" on the 1st of December and they released six marlin.

Pretty much all the marlin were on caught live bait, but not all fish seen were hungry. It was a case of casting until you found one that would bite. Pisces Fleet anglers caught a total of 130 striped marlin this week of which 126 were released.

There was not a great deal happening at Cabo San Lucas with smaller game, but 21 percent of boats did find dorado. Catches were no more than one or two fish, picked up whilst trolling for marlin and weights were from 25 to 45 pounds.

Yellowfin tuna catches were very slow, but again, Cabo San Lucas charter fishing boats were running after marlin and not really looking for them. "Sundancer" did manage to boat nine tuna, 15 miles out at the 210 spot, for Mitch Hsu, from Los Angeles, from 30 to 50 pound. We got word of plentiful huge tuna, some over 300 pounds about 100 miles up the coast from Cabo, being fished by the long range boats. We had a couple of smallish Mako sharks again this week and just the odd wahoo here and there.

Inshore there were quite a few sierra, skipjacks and roosterfish.

The best fishing was from Land's End to the Golden Gate; some boats went to Finger Banks. Cabo San Lucas weather was clear, with sunny skies, seas were rough but now calm, 74 degrees average, best catches on live bait.