Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



Dec. 16, 2005, Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Fleet, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing:

The Cabo San Lucas sportfishing area continues to have excellent striped marlin catches, with some outstanding days.

We did have full moon this week and Cabo San Lucas did see the fishing drop off a little at Golden Gate for a day and move closer to the Old Lighthouse. However, the next couple of nights were cloudy and fishing moved up to it's normal speed.

Eighty one percent of our Cabo San Lucas sportfishing charters caught marlin this week and our overall catch success rate for all species combined was 94 percent. We were surprised to see a couple of sailfish this week. Pisces anglers caught a total of 158 striped marlin of which 143 were released; we also let two sailfish go.

On December 15th, we took out Jay Gerson from Houston, Texas, aboard Sr. Moment. Jay had been down in Cabo a couple of weeks ago and had a great day at the Finger Banks. He went home and got his dad, because he wanted him to witness the amazing fishing. Jay's dad suffered a stroke and he wants to make the most of every moment with him. They were not disappointed, as they ended up releasing an amazing 17 striped marlin in one day.

Johnny Morris for Bass Pro Shops fame was at Cabo San Lucas fishing with IGFA trustee Bob Rich and they also did exceptionally well. They were out on "Valerie" and tallied 17 striped marlin on regular tackle as well as teasing up several on the fly that they were unable to bring to the boat.

Mitchell Campell and Laura Smith released a half-dozen Cabo San Lucas marlin, also on "Valerie", at the Golden Gate on December 13th.

"Tracy Ann" had a very respectable 8 marlin releases on the 12th for Jack Fox and Rae Ann Brockmiller also at the Golden Gate.

There were not huge catches for other types of fish, but then again, when the marlin bite is this good, most people fishing at Cabo San Lucas want to take advantage of it.

Both dorado and tuna catches were on a par, at around 19 percent. The dorado were form 20 to 35 pounds and were often found in with marlin.

Yellowfin tuna were found at San Jaime on a couple of days. Tuna catches ranged from one to 12 fish in the 20 to 45 pound class. We had several small mako sharks around 40 pounds. Inshore it was some roosters and sierra.

The best fishing spot was at the Golden Gate, also 2 miles off of the Old Lighthouse. Cabo San Lucas skies were partly cloudy, seas calm most of the week, the wind picked up late in the week on the Pacific meaning the ride back from Golden Gate could be a bit rough, average water temperature 72 degrees.