East Cape, Mexico



July 1-7, 2005, Chris Moyers, East Cape Smoke House, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing:

Charters 503. Anglers 1,501. Total Fish 1,120. Fish/Charter 2.23. Fish/Angler .75. Catch including released fish: Striped Marlin 260. Dorado 84. Yellowfin Tuna 762. Wahoo 2. Roosterfish 6. Water Temperature 73-84. Air Temperature HIGH 101-70. Seas calm all day.

While the fishing at East Cape remains steady, it's anything but stellar. We've yet to hit our customary stride that we're all used to down here on the East Cape.

Striped marlin fishing remained consistent over the past two weeks, but still down a bit when compared to previous weeks. The overall catch rate among Stripers was about 17% much like the previous week. Anglers reported action to the north off Punta Pescadero (20 miles; vicinity of the shark buoy stops), but most action occurred to the south between the waters of Buena Vista (10-13 miles), El Rincon (10-12 miles), Las Tachuelas (9-11 miles), Cabo Pulmo (9-12 miles), and Los Frailes (8-10 miles).

The Yellowfin Tuna bite saw a bit of a spike. Once again, the Yellowfin Tuna bite carried the week with anglers enjoying an overall catch rate of about 51%. Better still, we saw a bit more poundage coming in so anglers seemed a bit more cheerful this past week. Anyhow, anglers reported success to the north off Punta Pescadero, but most action occurred straight off Los Barriles (40-45 miles), as well as to the south between Buena Vista (37-40 miles), Punta Arena (20-23 miles), and Los Frailes (8-10 miles). Cedar plugs and hoochies reportedly did the trick there.

The Dorado fishing remains uninspired, lethargic if you will. I'm beginning to wonder about the Dorado amigos. What's going on here? There are just some things you can count on in life and catching Dorado on the East Cape during the summer is one of them! Of the 5% of anglers who managed to land a Dodo this past week, they reported action to the north off Punta Pescadero (20-22 miles), and Isla Cerralvo, straight off Los Barriles (33-35 miles), as well as to the south off La Ribera (3-4 miles), Las Tachuelas (9-10 miles), and Los Frailes (6-8 miles). Ballyhoo and various lured did the trick there.

That pesky southeastern wind from last week gave way to calm days and slight afternoon breezes. Last week at East Cape saw air temperatures range between 70-101 degrees, so it's getting a bit toasty at times. For much of the week, the high water temperature was right around 81-82. Baitwise, we've got jurelito and ballyhoo.

Rounding out the report were a couple of Wahoo landed to the south off Rancho Leonero (3 miles), and Las Barracas (4 miles). Also landed were 6 Roosterfish (inshore at Rancho Leonero), and 6 Pargo (inshore at La Ribera).