East Cape, Mexico


Fish Photo 1

NICE EAST CAPE WAHOO--Keeping his head warm with a Santa Claus hat, Greg Sweeney of Sacramento caught a beautiful 70-pound wahoo on the Dusty B III with Capt. Vicente Cosio out of East Cape's Buena Vista Beach Resort last week. Photo courtesy Axel Valdez.


July 22-28, 2005, Axel Valdez, Buena Vista Beach Resort, East Cape fishing report, Baja, Mexico:

Total boats out 91. Fishermen 298. Weather High 80s-High 90s. Water Temperature 80-85. Catch including released fish: Blue Marlin 3; Striped Marlin 48; Sailfish 7; Dorado 16; Tuna 389; Roosterfish 4; Snapper 21; Jack Crevalle 7; Amberjack 1; Bonita 199; Yellowtail 2; Ladyfish 1; Pompano 1 Cabrilla 2; Skip Jack 2.

The water has continued to be nice and warm. It seems like it is getting ready for the big tournament. Everything is falling in place.

This week, finally, the thermometer reached the 100 degree mark, but just for a day. The nice ocean breezes have kept the temperature summer reasonable. We had some rain up in the mountains, with a big one on Thursday, but it seems like we are covered by a big roof, and it keeps missing us here in Buena Vista.

Even though there were days when the yellowfin tuna were found only 13 miles out from the hotels, there other days when East Cape boats were coming back from fishing quite late, due to long distances. Stripers continue to be close about 10 to 25 miles.

I invite you to look at the results of last year's tuna vs. this year's tuna. Consistency has paid off and we are having a hell of a year, and this will hopefully continue as the our water stabilized quite late this year.

Blues couldn't find a better time to come out to bite. There were three this past week, and we are hosting the Bisbee next week. We'll see what we have next week.

Stripers continue to offer great action, even for the fly caster as they have had more chances this year than any before.

Even without the sardines, East Cape fishing from inshore is always good. Dan Hernandez was here this past week and he held a Surf Fishing Tournament, and there over 15 fishermen and over 10 different species of fish, just in front of the hotel. Needlefish, Jacks, triggerfish, ladyfish, and the winner was a nice pompano and a huge pufferfish. Roosters continue to bite well, from La Rivera all the way to El Rincon. As no sardines are around you have to troll and be patient for a nice rooster.

Bait is Mullet, little jacks and radadillos. A few sardines where found, but not enough to get our hopes up. I am only going to add some mackerels.

We are excited about this week's tournament, as the blues showed up right on time. On the Dan Hernandez group, there were 3 caught, 2 over 300 already. We are ready for some big fish.