East Cape, Mexico



Dec. 2, 2005, Eddie Dalmau, Van Wormer Resorts, East Cape fishing, Baja Sur, Mexico:

East Cape fleet fishing report for Hotels Palmas de Cortez and Punta Colorada: 91 Anglers; 34 Charters; 164 Dorado; 5 Blue Marlin; 13 Striped Marlin; 15 Sailfish; 38 Tuna; 1 Wahoo; 9 Sierra; 3 squid.

Hotel Playa Del Sol will have wind surfers until March. Hotel Punta Colorada will be closed in January and February.

In an amazing turn of events, dorado are everywhere at East Cape. Last week, the dorado arrived in huge numbers. East Cape sportfishing boats are contacting fish in all directions, to the north off Punta Pescadero, straight east within 6 miles of the resorts, near La Rivera, off Punta Arena, and to all points south.

Fish are of a variety of sizes from 15-50 pounds. Many fish are being spotted on the surface and mates are either casting chunk squid bait to the smaller dorado or a live or dead mackerel to bruiser bulls. Mahi-mahi also are attacking lure spreads meant for striped marlin and sailfish. Captains have changed tactics accordingly, with many running smaller lures in the spread, especially on the flat lines, to trigger strikes from dorado while still trolling the deep blue for billfish.

Overall striped marlin fishing numbers remain consistent, with East Cape charter boats getting 2 to 6 shots per day along with a few sailfish mixed in. A few blue marlin are still showing up as well. No black marlin have been seen in the past two weeks at East Cape.

Inshore fishing opportunities are consistent. Sierra mackerel are available in good numbers from Rancho Leonero all the way around Punta Arena and south past Las Barracas. This puts fish within casting distance of anglers from Punta Colorada, and some sierra are being caught in front of the resort as well as from the charter boats. Plenty of snapper are mixed with the inshore catches as well, plus a few jack crevalle.

East Cape weather is beautiful, with daytime temperatures in the mid-80's, cooling to 70 degrees at night. Sea of Cortez surface water temperatures range from 72-80 degrees, depending on the currents.