East Cape, Mexico



Dec. 31, 2005, Russ Fritz, La Ribera, East Cape, Baja California Sur, Mexico fishing:

East Cape fishing conditions were perfect yesterday, so we launched early, and found the toothy white meat bonitos just north of La Ribera.

The air temperature was 54 degrees and the water was 70 degrees. A cold west wind came off the arroyos until about 8:30, but sea conditions remained calm.

The bonito schools seemed to hang near the drop offs, in 40 to 50 feet of water.

Sierras have been scarce, but we managed to hang into a very respectable one. By 9:00 am we had 7 bonitos and the sierra in the box, and went looking for marlin.

The marlin bite off La Ribera has slowed to a near stop. A group of East Cape sportfishing boats drifted bait and trolled lures most of the morning without much success.

Even 10 miles out, the water is cold and very green. Miles of jellyfish cloud the water in every direction. I talked to several of the commercial panga fishermen last evening, and they all reported "Nada," from the lighthouse to south of Cabo Pulmo, and up to 23 miles out. Seems that the fish are taking the New Year's holiday off.

Dec. 29, 2005, Russ Fritz, La Ribera, East Cape, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

The north wind has kept most of us off the water on the 27th and 28th. Those that did go out, had tough conditions to fish in. The big school of tuna and Spinner Dolphin were still out about 10 to 12 miles, and my neighbor, Alonzo got 6 tuna, all about 100 to 130 pounds. Live bait seems to work best for the large fish. Brad Meister reported a very choppy and confused sea, with waves up to 6 feet that seemed to come from multiple directions. The tuna seem to be working bait between Punta Pescadero, and Punta Colorada in 74 degree water.

Dec. 28, 2005, Russ Fritz, La Ribera, East Cape, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

The tunas decided to fill the Soplado today. Dan got a 121, Russ got an 88, and Jerry, got a 64 pounder. Russ's fish smoked a tired Penn 12LT International, that had already landed 28 marlin this past month. Dan had to handline Russ's fish at the end, due to complete drag failure. Dan's fish took 52 minutes on 30 pound line. Jerry's fish took a green and yellow daisy chain, and he landed it in 18 minutes. All the fish, and 6 more from 10 to 18 pounds, were taken 12 miles off La Ribera, in 74 degree water. The big guys took live mackerel on 30 pound line and 40 pound leader.

I never saw such a flat ocean, as today. Joe Mintoe, on the Oso Negro, captained Dave Sword's boat to 3 marlin and a mako shark. All taken about 4 miles east of the Punta Arena light.