East Cape, Mexico



June 9, 2006, Larry Wayne, Playa del Sol, East Cape fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

My son Paul and I returned last night from our East Cape trip to Hotel Playa del Sol. We fished Monday and Tuesday on the cruiser "Jack Daniels" with Capt. Nick and deckhand Alberto, and opted for a day of close inshore fishing on Wednesday on the super panga "Siboney" with Capt. Juan.

Our cruiser trips on Monday and Tuesday were almost exact replicas of each other, for a total two day catch including released fish of 17 tuna in the 15 to 20 pound range caught off Pulmo between 8 and 10:30 a.m., and two marlin estimated at 80 and 120 pounds on the troll around 1:30 p.m. on the way back to Playa del Sol.

Our panga trip on Wednesday started with about 2 hours of roosterfishing near La Ribera. We saw a large number of fairly small roosterfish breaking on the chum sardinas, but no actual takes of the mullet bait by the occasional large one we saw breaking water. We finally hooked, boated and released four of the small ones. We failed to set hooks on a number of additional roosterfish pickups on the sardinas. Our timing on attempting to set seemed off.

The circle hook strategy might have made us connect better with some of the roosters. It is really hard to get local boatmen to agree to the use of circle hooks, and I am always reluctant to override advice from the local experts.

Around noon we took a shot at pargo off Rancho Leonero, but got none. However, a dorado took one of our baits while fishing on that inshore reef, which was welcome. We trolled home and picked up another 8 pound hen dorado, as well as a couple of nice sized triggerfish that made great ceviche.

We kept the dorado in the water and tried the entice the bull that accompanied her to take a bait, but no such luck.

It was a great East Cape trip with really fine boats and crews, and our total 3 day take, including released fish, was 17 tuna, 2 marlin, 2 dorado, 4 roosterfish, and 3 triggerfish.

We would have liked more dorado, but for most of the boats that did get them, they were taken as incidental catch in the area where the tuna were the main target.The difference from last year's East Cape fly fishing action is the availability of sardina for chum, which can make the difference between a good day and an incredible day. The sardina allow our fly fishing guides to keep the tuna school in casting range, and an occasional dorado, skipjack, needlefish or mystery bite keeps everybody happy.

Mike Little of Calgary whacked the tuna on the fly all morning with fish to 20 pounds. Then a large dorado teased up on the way back to the hotel capped off his last day of East Cape fly fishing action.

After an unbelievable 10 day period, East Cape inshore fly fishing action has settled down a click or two. Plenty of large roosters can be found cruising well within fly casting range, but pairing off, they seem to be more interested in making whoopee than chasing the many bait schools along the shore.

East Cape fishing area water temperature 74-85 degrees; air temperature 71-96; conditions clear.

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