Ensenada, Mexico



Oct. 22, 2005, Steve Ross, Bad Dog, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico:

The offshore pelagic fishing season for Ensenada is over for Bad Dog. The end.

With Terrafin SST charts showing promising warm water on the 220/220, we departed Ensenada's Marina Coral at 0300 with a tankful of cured mackerel and sardines from our receiver.

Upon arrival with "first light" the SST was 63 degrees and we put 'em in to patrol the area in search for the 66 degree water from the Wednesday's charts. They were unable to provide updated charts due to weather. A long story short, the warmest fishing water we found was in the 63's and it dropped down to 62.7.

We traveled 150 miles and covered all the offshore Ensenada fishing spots such as the 1010 trench, the 220/220, the 213 and more. Being totally desperate we threw live ones on every paddy we found for nothing. Nothing under the paddies and nothing down below with an empty meter. At one point my hopes were elevated by a school of porpoise which was positioned perfectly for me to get to the head of the pack, and nothing with continuous passes. The seas were 1-3 feet, and very comfortable from what we have been used to in the previous weeks of fishing off Ensenada.

There was an extraordinary amount of bait for miles covering all these spots and the open waters. More bait than I have ever seen or can remember. We dropped baits into it with sinkers. It started at 50 feet and sometimes ran as deep and thick to 200 feet.

Mike Richardson said that the shark fishermen have been working in this area and have brought back major mako scores and two small swordies for the week. We never saw them. Actually Ch. 72 was silent all day and we never saw another boat anywhere. There were no Mexican boats fishing and Channel 6 was also silent. Perhaps Charro was rock codding on the Banda Bank.

Every Saturday morning at around 0200 I see huge lights in the dark of night. These are San Diego party boats on their way south for the tuna scores you read about. I mentioned to Alex, "Do you want to follow one of these?" "No!" With all the miles we drove, it would have been a good idea.

The fishing day ended with no jig strikes and no fish. I'm through and onto rock cod on Saturday. Good eating, reliable fishing, low fuel bills, get up later, back by noon.

I am through talking about nighttime swordfish. We saw one swordfish all year. The commercials catch one or two a week. Sounds to me like I would be rocking out there in the dark for nothing. You do it and send me your report.