Ensenada, Mexico



June 3, 2006, Ivan Villarino, Vonny's Fleet, Panga Fishing Report for Punta Banda, Ensenada, Mexico:

This week of sportfishing at Ensenada's Punta Banda had mild weather, compared to last week's rough winds and seas.

On Tuesday's Ensenada fishing, "Calico" Brian Foley from "Campo La Joya" went out on the panga Vonny-I with Capt. Beto, limiting on bottom fish, lingcods, sugarbass and red rockcods.

Francisco Camarena from Tijuana also went fishing on the panga Vonny-III with Capt. Hector catching a nice assortment of bottom fish mostly red rockcod "limits."

Fishing on Thursday, Garry LeBlanck from San Diego, California, went out on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto catching plenty of bottom fish, reds, lingcods and sugarbass.

Joe Horvath and John Migeot from Mission Viejo, California, also went out fishing on the Vonny-III with Capt. Hector catching limits of bottom fish too.

Friday, Joe Horvath and John Migeot went out on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto catching 3 yellowtails, 15 to 20 pounds, and bottom fish.

Juan Flores from Tijuana, Baja California, also went out, fishing on the Vonny-III with Capt. Hector and catching one Ensenada yellowtail and plenty of reds.

Fishing at Ensenada on Saturday, Daniel Ramboz, Doug Ranney and Rene Chavez from Riverside, California, Frankie Valdez, Tim Howe, Gordon Fristad from Corona, California, went out to Punta Banda on the Vonny-I, Vonny-II and Vonny-III, catching lingcods, bonitos, reds and chuckle heads.

Ensenada sport fishing weather over the weekend is partly cloudy this morning, but becoming mostly sunny, temperature 63-77s F., calm winds, swells 3-4 feet, water temperature 61s F.

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