Ensenada, Mexico



June 10, 2006, Ivan Villarino, Vonny's Fleet, Good yellowtail fishing at Punta Banda, Mexico:

This week we had very good fishing at Ensenada.

Starting on Sunday, Frank Segura and a friend from San Diego, California, went out fishing on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto catching five yellowtails, 15 pounds average, and limits bottom fish.

Also, Juan Leal and Gatter Cohen from San Diego California went fishing on Vonny-III with Capt. Hector, catching 3 Ensenada yellowtails, 20 pounds average, and limits of bonitas.

On Monday, Lester Ellet and his friend Joe from Los Angeles, California, went out on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto, they caught lingcods, rockcods and some bonitos which I smoked for them with the Vonny's Fleet secret recipe.

Also on Monday, Arturo Saladino and his son fished on the Vonny-III with Capt. Hector, catching plenty of bottom fish and bonitos.

Tuesday's fishing had Lester Ellet and his friend Joe out on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto again.

And Joe Nesl from L.A. went out on the Vonny-III with Capt. Hector. Ensenada fishing was kind of slow for both boats, but they still managed half an ice chest of fish for each boat, mostly bottom fish.

Fishing on Wednesday, Jerry Vessey and Ivan Hinerman from Punta Banda went out on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto, managing a nice array of ling cods, one of 14 pounds, and bonitos. The boys had lots of fun with Beto at the end of the day commenting on how good of a fisherman Beto is. I told them Beto is not a fisherman, he is a natural hunter.

Thursday, Ross and Barbara Bell went on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto and calmer seas, but that day was still overcast. They came back from Punta Banda early. I asked Beto over the radio if something was wrong. He said they had gotten enough fish and so I proceeded down to the beach to wait for the boat. When they came ashore I did not pay attention to the fish box. Finally I looked down and I could see three yellowtails sticking out of the fish box, 18 to 20 pounds, ten calicos, on the bottom of the box, ten bonitos and one barracuda! Excellent day!

In Friday fishing at Ensenada, Garry Griffin and his brother Richard from Chicago went out on the Vonny-III with Capt. Hector. They caught five yellowtails and eight bonitos, and thirteen calicos.

Ricardo Herrera went fishing on the Vonny-I with Beto and they caught eight yellowtails one of which weighted 30 pounds. The rest were 22 to 26 pounds.

Saturday, Don Fredette and Mike Smith went on the Vonny-I with Capt. Beto.

Tom Gruber and Lou Duchene went fishing on the Vonny-III with Hector. The Vonny-I caught five yellowtails, ten bonitas, and 13 calicos along with bottom fish. The Vonny-III managed four yellowtails and limits of bonitos.

It turned into a great week for our pangas.

Ensenada weather on Saturday was partly cloudy. Temperature 63-72; Light winds; Swell 3 feet; Water temperature 61 degrees.

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