Ensenada, Mexico



July, 27, 2006, Mike Richardson, Live Bait Ensenada, Business operation will continue to supply sportfishing boats:

I would like to clarify my position at present with Live Bait Ensenada and my friend Jacqueline Cabrales. I know that more than once, in a moment of dire straits, I told people that I was closing down the business.

But I'm glad that didn't happen. I never wanted it to come to pass. I thought my only options were to sell or close the operation. Luckily Jacqueline and her mom, one of my partners, came up with this idea.

It's important to me to see Live Bait Ensenada continue and become better. Ensenada needs it, and yes, I'm proud of what we have built up over the years and the service we have provided.

As to that service, and my perception of what makes a good bait operation, the credit goes to Roy Everingham, with whom I had the privilege to work in my reckless youth. Now what I am not proud of all is how I conducted myself with customers, when I would completely lose it!

Which brings me to the second point. Not an excuse, a statement no more. Had I known or foreseen in the very beginning what would become my destiny by necessity here at Live Bait Ensenada, please believe me, it would not have gotten off the ground !

I have known from a very early age that I am not or want to be a team player. I do not play well with others nor do I want to. Luckily for me, my disagreeable personality seems to be accepted, if not respected by my five dogs.

With that said, on the new plan. The plan is the same, to provide the best bait and service we possibly can.

The difference will be Jacqueline and her three friends will be running the receivers, and I'll be in the background helping them anyway I can. Also I'll try to give a weekly or when necessary update on fishing and conditions, and maybe a few tips on bait receiver etiquette, and frequently observed, potentially dangerous errors in boat handling and crew awareness.

As to Jacqueline and friends, as soon as her mom mentioned it to me, I loved it for the stir it would cause in an industry and culture that has very limited female participation to date.

The other factor is that I see these young people are the best hope for advancing tourism and sport fishing in Ensenada!

They are all bright, enthusiastic and from what I've seen, so far have the determination to make this work. The reason I know Jacqueline is that for the last 20 years, her parents have put up with me, they are my partners, friends, and most important my family!

We here in Baja California Norte have to get up to speed with Baja California Sur in respect to the industry. I have a feeling Jacqueline and friends will give it a good shot.

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