Ensenada, Mexico



Sept. 1-2, 2006, Steve Ross, Bad Dog, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico:

On Friday, the first day of September, we arrived on the 295 just at first light before sunrise. With Gail and Juan Lu on board I trolled up and down swell with 7 of my favorite lures dragging behind.

I had two dorado jump off marlin lures and one that couldn't throw it. The rest of the day was spent heading for the 1010 trench and back to the 295 and below.

Calling it quits we headed on back home and once again began trolling past the north end of Todos Santos Norte and picked up a 10 pound yellowtail.

The seas were about two feet and choppy with wind. The water was a beautiful cobalt blue and 69 degrees. Every kelp paddy was empty and the meter never showed anything on it all day. It made me think it needed repair.

Fishing on Saturday morning with a 0600 departure for Todos Santos Bay spots, El Farito in front of Marina Coral produced nothing, not even a stolen bait. Bajo San Miguel produced nothing, I couldn't even lose a jig on the bottom. And finally in heavy fog with maybe a few hundred feet of visibility while drifting the outside of the north end I hooked a fat 8 pound ling cod which we ate for dinner.

Striper Mike said he ran 24 miles out that morning and turned around in heavy seas.

Melody went offshore to the 295 and surrounding areas and caught one dorado near the 450 all day.

I think the fish god's are testing our mettle to see how many of us they can shake out of the game so the main herds can show up. However, there is no bait anywhere offshore for any fish to stick around and eat.

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