Erendira, Mexico


Heavy Catches For 23 Castro's Camp Sportfishing Boats

March 6, 2005, Fernando Castro, Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Report:

This week we had 13 boats fishing out of Castro's Camp, and they continued to bring in heavy catches of lingcod, red rockcod, barracuda, and big squid.

On Monday, Erendira had northwest winds of 18 m.p.h. Tuesday and Wednesday were stormy and rainy. Thursday and Friday were sunny, but with a little wind of about 7 to 8 m.p.h. from the northwest. Saturday had scattered showers, and Sunday morning, we finally have good weather again.

Among the anglers fishing at Erendira this weekend was Rudy Soto's group from Los Angeles. On Saturday, they all wore rain gear, because we were waiting for rain to pass so we could go fishing. Finally, they were able to go, and they were rewarded with a good day of fishing, after waiting for about an hour. They were all like desperados because they thought they would not be able to go out. One thing we know about predicting the weather is that it was going to be calm for them.

Off Erendira now, there are lots of very heavy squid on the bottom that will not leave the fishing hooks alone, and Castro's Camp boats are catching very nice reds and lingcods.

The water temperature is 59 degrees, 8 miles from the coast, and the water color is clear blue.