Erendira, Mexico


Lings, reds, sheephead, whitefish, and Humboldt squid caught by boats fishing at Erendira

March 14-20, 2005, Fernando Castro, Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Report:

This week, Castro's Camp had 21 boats fishing out of Erendira, and it was a good week for fishing, as we caught lingcod, red rockcod, sheephead, whitefish, and more giant Humboldt squid. The temperature of the sea surface water in our Erendira fishing area 4 miles from the coast was 58 degrees, and the water color was clear blue. From Monday to Thursday, Erendira had good fishing weather. On Friday, we had some scattered showers, but we were still able to go fishing. On Saturday, it was rainy with wind of 5 to 7 m.p.h., and on Sunday more wind of 10 to 12 m.p.h., but we still kept fishing on both days.

During the week, we had some fishing trips canceled because of the weather forecast for rain, but everybody who did come was able to go fishing. Our Castro's Camp boats are fishing with hooks, sinkers and bait, and also heavy jigs for yo-yoing the bottom for the rockcod