Erendira, Mexico



May 28, 2005, Lee Wood, Oceanside Senior Anglers, Erendira, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Report:

Four Oceanside Senior Anglers, Hal Reeser, Ed Dennis, Don Maquet and Lee Wood, went down to Castro's Fishing Camp for two days of fishing out of Erendira. Fishing weather was mostly overcast both days until around early afternoon, and the water temperature was ranging between 58 and 59 degrees all up and down the coast from Colonet almost to Santo Tomas.

On Tuesday we went south to Colonet, and fished for some nice size reds and bottom fish. There were four sandbass caught between 5 and 7 pounds, a few vermilion to 6 pounds, a couple nice size lingcod, and various other fish in the two to five pound range.

On Wednesday, we decided to go north from Erendira, and caught a bunch of smaller bottom fish and one nice ling.

There were a few members of our club who also belong to the Rancho Bernardo fishing club and one of their members caught a nice size white seabass maybe in the 40 pound range, and the next day the same man caught a smaller white seabass.

There were a few yellowtail caught, but no size or quantity to them.

The members of the Rancho Bernardo fishing club fished Monday and Tuesday and they were Allan Robb, Rick Sherry and Bill Borst in boat one. Rick Sherry caught the 2 white sea bass and a yellowtail. Allan also caught a yellowtail.

Gene Ervin, Bill Schloeder and Jack Stalder were in boat two.

Al Evans, Ed Windsor and Barbara Gattuso were in a third boat. Ed Windsor, 80 plus years young, together with his daughter Barbara fought the nice yellowtail until gaffed and they also caught 4 ling cod. Al caught several reds, rockcod, bass and 2 ling cod.

The two white seabass were caught with blue & white jigs. The rest of the fish were caught with frozen squid and we had some small shiners also. The plastics worked well also when tipped with the squid. It didn't matter the size of the plastics either. We did see mucho yellowtail on the surface, but they would not bite.

There was also a gill net around Colonet, and maybe five or six whales kept swimming around the net all day long. We figured maybe another whale was trapped in the net and they did not want to leave it, a sad state.

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