Erendira, Mexico



Sept. 12, 2005, Robert Everett, Erendira, Mexico Fishing Report:

Fishing at Erendira on the September 7th started out with calm seas and water temperatures around 68 degrees, and windy conditions taking over in the afternoon, producing a wide open bite on whitefish and reds 80 to 100 feet down with a few sculpin and chocalatee's thrown in the midst.

The fish I was catching were all caught on white jigs of the 3 ounce size that I tied at home. Sizes ranged in the upper class for these fish. I caught several whites and reds from 4 to 6 pounds, and at those depths they were a good fight all the way up.

Erendira fishing on the 8th started out extremely foggy with visibility less than a 1/4 mile at times. My pangadero Pancho and I thought we could possibly head south and get into the white seabass. The water was very calm and the conditions looked quite favorable. About 8 miles out of Erendira, we ran into a large school of small bait fish. After hitting that area with large spoons and getting only 1 good solid strike we decided to troll with Rapalas. Still nothing.

After a couple hours of hard fishing efforts under perfect conditions I decided that the water temperature was just still too cold for the big boys and to move in for some as always guaranteed bottom fish along the reefs, which paid off the same as the day before, adding sandbass and lings to the bunch, with 1 ling going over 8 pounds.

Over all it was a successful trip and did return home to Las Vegas with over 60 pounds of fillets, although I was a little disappointed not catching any white seabass or yellowtail.

I stayed at the cabins at Castro's, you cook your own meals there. They have a built-in barbecue outside every cabin.

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