Erendira, Mexico



Nov. 24, 2005, Nelson Maruyama, Castro's Camp, Erendira, Mexico Sportfishing Trip Report:

I fished at Castro's Camp 3 times this month, my first time at Castro's ever, was on 11/09. My friend Steve Trotsky and I went out with Captain Oscar. We were fishing about 8 miles out from the camp, and fishing in about 150 to 210 feet of water.

In about 5 hours, we filled the 150 quart cooler with reds, lings, sheeps, all nice sizes.

On 11/16 I and my friend Richard Carr went out fishing with Captain Jorge. We were about 7 or 8 miles from the camp, in about 150 feet of water. We were back at camp by 11:30, with the 150 quart cooler full, no more place to put the fish, with a lots of reds, lings, no sheep, but a huge sand bass, my biggest ever.

Yesterday, 11/23, I took some friends from Japan, 2 ladies and a son. We went fishing with Captain Oscar again. I got there late at the camp, around 8 a.m. We fished about 12 miles north of Castro's Camp. We filled the 150 quart cooler by 2:00 p.m., again nice reds, a lots of nice sizes lings, couple of huge sand bass and one huge barracuda caught by one of the ladies, her first time. Like they say, beginners luck.

The first 2 times I stayed at Castro's Camp overnight, a nice relaxing place, good fishing but most important at all, good service and nice people. Thanks to everyone at the camp, all my friends, and I had a good time.

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