Erendira, Mexico



Aug. 2, 2006, Mike Steele, Baja run to fish at Castro's Camp:

I left San Diego Saturday night, July 28, 2006, around 7 p.m. for a run down to Castro's fish camp out of Erenddira, Baja California, Mexico. After the usual stop in Maneadero for tacos, I passed on through the Mex 1 checkpoint with no issues. They don't check much on southbound travelers, only a head nod if that. I hit the Erendira turnoff at Kilometer 78. If you don't stop for much, it's about 3 hours from the border to the turnoff.

The road onto Erendira has it's share of potholes. I did get my new tire punctured with a slow leak, so be careful. It is not lit at night. I arrived at Castro's a bit late. Driving at night should be for only experienced drivers. Unless you have done this before, leave San Diego at least 4 hours before dark to arrive in light.

The boat was ready at 6:30 a.m. for a nice beach launch. At Castro's in the summer you have a choice to target inshore or offshore fish. We decided for inshore as we headed further south to make bait.

While fishing for small mackerels, we soaked a few and were able to pick up a nice 30-pound white sea bass. We covered a lot of ground further south and then shot back up north towards Santo Tomas.

We ended the fishing day with unlimited large Bonito, some Barracuda, and as many Chocolate Bass and Rockfish you could catch, good size.

We did not see any yellowtail. We did see several boats bring in nice White Sea Bass. It's an early morning bite. White jigs with squid, and live mackerel were the ticket.

We saw the commercial fisherman pick up several white seabass, with one pushing 50 pounds easy.

All the white seabass areas were a bit south, maybe 5 miles or so. The water was shallow, in same area where we were making bait, maybe 60-80 feet deep.

We fished the morning in an area south of Castro's, then shot back up 5 miles north of Castro's where the Bonita and Barracuda were wide open. We were never more than 3 miles offshore. Anyone fishing offshore got the usual Lingcod and Red Rockcod.

At least 4 boats caught white sea bass of good size on Sunday. All the cabins were full and all boats were taken on Sunday.

The fishing water off Erendira was a nice blue, with some wind, and birds all over. It's a nice place to be in the summer.

The wind came up in the afternoon.

After having all the fish cleaned and filleted, we packed them on ice and shot home for the border. No problems with inspection at Maneadero. The officer was very professional and polite.

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