Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico



Feb. 17, 2005, Stan Lushinsky, Ixtapa Sportfishing Charters, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico Fishing Report:

The red hot SAILFISH bite continues in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, however we are starting to see the beginning signs of the arrival of the MARLIN and TUNA spring run.

Returning New Hampshire Anglers Forrest and Doug Clark fishing with Captain Gilberto on the Moramay landed 15 sailfish and 3 dorado (mahi-mahi) in 4 offshore days and 5 YELLOWTAIL JACKS and 10 bonito on 1 inshore day.

European Angler Mr. Vin fishing inshore with Captain Candelerio aboard the Leydy landed 6 YELLOWTAIL JACKS 1 Spanish Mackerel and a beautiful 17 lb BLACK SNOOK on 1 inshore day and 15 SAILFISH in 5 offshore days.

Captain Cheva led French angler Mr. Picard to 12 SAILFISH in 3 offshore days. Angler Mr Auerback had a 4 SAILFISH day aboard the Marlin Azul.

Captain "Chickey" on the Intruzza led the Country Sports group to 8 SAILFISH in three offshore days with 3 of the 8 fish taken on the fly.

Captain Alex of the Grand Jefe put 9 SAILFISH and 1 YELLOWFIN TUN aboard for European angler Mr. Cateron.

Captain Alex also ha d a 3 SAILFISH and 1 DORADO day for Minnesota angler Anthony Moore.

Inshore the Roosterfish were a bit harder to come by as Captain Alex landed 1 ROOSTERFISH and 3 YELLOWTAIL JACKS in two day of fishing.

Captain Temo fishing with Cabelas angler Rick Trollier landed 3 ROOSTERFISH and 15 YELLOWTIL JACKS in two inshore days.

Returning Pennsylvania angler Larry Slatcha also fishing with Captain Temo landed 2 SAILFISH on 1 offshroe day while Mr. Picard landed 2 SAILFISH in 1 offshore day and 3 ROOSTERFISH and 5 JACKS On 1 Inshore day.

Angler Clark Gardner fishing two days aboard the Vamonos 3 landed 13 SAILFISH while captain Chiro led Rick Trollier to 4 SAILFISH in one offshore day.

Captain Arturo Landa fishing inshore with Angler Mr. Hayes landed 3 ROOSTERFISH and 20 YELLOWTAIL JACKS in one inshore day and 9 SAILFISH for European angler MR. Macrez in two offshore days.

Returning angler Terry Berg Fishing with Captain Miguel on the Tarpon landed 4 SAILFISH in one day and 6 SAILFISH In one day with Captain Adolofo on the Dos Hermanos 1 while New Jersey angler Mr. Krohne landed 1 SAILFISH and 2 YELLOWFIN TUNA in two days of offshore fishing aboard the Tarpon. Mr. Simon fishing with Captain Chico aboard the LLamarada landed 4 SAILFISH in one offshore day. Captain Adolofo on the Dos Hermanos 1 made several long runs south to Pompano last week landing 18 YELLOWTAIL JACKS, 1 SPANISH MACKEREL and 4 BIG ROOSTERFISH for New York angler Dr. Martin.

Angler Tim Hoare also fishing with Captain Adolofo landed 17 ROOSTERFISH and 8 YELLOWTAIL JACKS in three inshore days and an incredible 14 SAILFISH , 1 DORADO day to end his fishing week. Captain Adolofo also led Alaska Angler Mr. Jason Sakalaskas to 6 ROOSTER, 2 YELLOWTAIL JACKS and 1 big Rainbow Runner in one inshore day. Our captains reported a single 310 lb Blue Marlin for the week however several other were hooked during the week.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather: Sunny temps in the 90s.

Sea Conditions : Calm.

Bait Supply: Excellent.

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