Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico



Jan. 26, 2007, Cortez Yacht Charters, Larry Edwards, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico:

The roller coaster season continues as the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo fishing water temperatures and currents continue to move dramatically each day.

Last week again saw some great fishing action, along with some days that can best be described as too slow for comfort.

The beginning part of the fishing week saw some very good action but rapidly changing temperatures near the middle of the week slowed the fishing down, considerably, and at last report, the action was once again on the rise.

Ixtapa weather had mixed sun and clouds, 75 degree nights and 88 degree days. Seas were calm and nearly flat with water temperatures at 84 degrees offshore and 82 degrees inshore. The billfish were caught on rigged baits.

David Horn, fishing 3 days aboard the "Dos Hermanos I," raised 7 sailfish and 1 striped marlin to the fly, landing and releasing 3 sailfish and 1 dorado.

Ray Raychowski's group, fishing 5 days aboard the super pangas "Janeth," "Adrenalina," "Gran Jefe II," landed 13 sailfish, 6 dorado, and an estimated 40 lb. black snook.

Also on the "Dos Hermanos I" was angler Bob Simon, landing 6 sailfish for 1 day and followed that with 1 sailfish day aboard the "Dos Hermanos II".

Fly fishing angler, Kirk Eberhard, fishing 4 days aboard the "Marfel," raised 5 sailfish.

Lloyd Mcevers, fishing 2 days aboard the "Marlin Azul," landed 6 sailfish and 1 dorado.

Ron Reinhardt, fishing aboard the "Dos Hermanos II," landed 4 jack crevalle, 2 sierra and 7 bonito, while only raising 1 sailfish.

Charlie Barrows, fishing 1 day aboard the "Michelle," landed 2 sailfish and 1 dorado.

Captain Chiro on the "Bloody Hook," reported 2 sailfish for angler Randy Stevens and 2 sailfish for angler Craig Miller, fishing 2 days.

Captain Vargas on the "Esturion," reported 1 small blue marlin of 170 pounds, along with several sailfish.

Captain Jose Vargas, "La Bamba," reported 6 sailfish and 2 dorado for 7 fishing days.