La Paz, Mexico



June 26, 2004, Frank Springer, La Paz, Mexico fishing with Fishermen’s Fleet:

Just back late last night from San Jose Del Cabo and Fishermen's Fleet La Paz. Grandson Jase "Gallito" Deemer of Butte Falls, Oregon, and the esposa de mi Prima, Dennis Best of Fremont were along.

Full house of fishermen at David Jones, so early to be so full. 26 La Paz boats out on Thursdays to Cerralvo, and several others to El Bajo.

Although the La Paz tuna were good Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of last week, lots of Delphino above, the water went green off Cerralvo on Saturday and no tuna were on board until Thursday of this week. They were "line shy" but would gulp down every spot-sardina tossed. Some footballs came in, and several 30+ kilo tuna on Thursday, the previous run around produced Atun to 90 pounds. July should be a breakout with the blue water staying close.

Dorado were everywhere around La Paz. "Schoolies" were on EVERY buoy. Doe's in the 35/45 lb.(more from El Bajo) class were taken every day, but the 25 pound variety were most often the biggies, with the 12 to 15 pound variety very common. Chiquitos were in force by the dozens and with three lines hooked up you would spend the last pull on your line watching another 6 or more smaller dorado turning the water into a neon light show around the boat— almost every time. 40 or more to the boat on several days— God bless catch and release.

Bait was easy, and Sabalo was picked for Dog Pargo, although the "toothed ones" decided not to cooperate. Halfbeak/Ballyhoo baits were everywhere for castnets the end of the week at the Punta Arena fishing area, and these baits produced bigger dorado. Zebras (Pilot fish) baits were caught off the close bouys and both big dorado and marlin were caught using these hardy baits out in the blue. Trolling far off ,and in close from Muertos to Boca de Alamo produced well.

Although some Sails fairly, and numerous Marlin were seen cruising and basking, most were satisfied to ignore baits of all kinds presented to them.

Gallo Bill was in house at Fishermen's Fleet and had been working exclusively (as usual) for large Roosters east of La Paz with great effect. His catch of 5 over 70 pounds was impressive enough— before you understood a 6th was a 110 pound+ Grand Rooster. You have to love a guy with tunnel vision for one thing— done well— and returned to the Sea to live and fight once again. Gallito Deemer and Rooster Bill became good friends—notwithstanding their 50+ years age difference— grounded in their love of the Pez Gallos.

With the water flashing blue more than less, early July should bust open for Tuna, and La Paz should take on the fiesta atmosphere within the next few weeks.

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