La Paz, Mexico



Feb. 20, 2005, Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International, La Paz, Mexico Fishing Report:

What a great fishing week. Except for a few clouds at the end of the week, it was literally "zero weather" at La Paz. It was like a perfect 80 degrees, but such a non-factor you never even thought about it. La Paz vacation area weather wasn't too hot...not too cold...not too windy...just sunny. There was enough of a breeze on the water during the day and just a hint at night.

Best of all, it was Carnival week...seemingly a week late...but elections were the week before and you can't drink during elections so they pushed Carnival a week back (shortening Lent!) and La Paz was hopping with food, rides, parades, fireworks and crazy fun people most of the week along the malecon which was shut down for the festivities.

As for fishing around La Paz...really good as well! We might have to start considering if this is an El Nino. The typical yellowtail bit nicely at El Bajito which was great, but we sent several sportfishing boats to the honey hole at the southeast end of Espiritu Santo and got...DORADO again! These were some nice fish up to 20 pounds!

On the Las Arenas side, one of our fishing boats found a dolphin school and decided to chase it a bit and got a few tuna (but nothing the next day), and there were also a few dorado (mahi-mahi) caught as well as pargo up the side of the island, and quite a few sierra. I just hope the fishing holds when we have all the anglers start coming in during the next few weeks. La Paz sea surface temperatures are in the 62-68 degree range.

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