La Paz, Mexico



May 28, 2005, Dos Hernandez, Tortuga Sportfishing, Las Arenas, La Paz, Mexico Fishing Report:

We've got great fishing news! During the last few days, fishing has really picked up at La Paz. Now in addition to the pargo colmilludo, we have a huge school of pez fuerte or amberjack, concentrated on the south side of Isla Cerralvo, and also a big concentration of pompano in the same location.

This makes it possible to enjoy catching more fish species. Also, during recent days we've caught some wahoo at the south end of Isla Cerralvo, and we're also starting to catch some dorado and tuna at the buoys. We continued to have a huge amount of sardina bait available, although for catching the amberjack that we have right now, the zebrafish or pilotfish we are catching at the buoys is better than the sardina.

For the big pargos, we are using sabalo, or ladyfish, baits because some of the pargo are quite large, from 20 to 40 pounds. We highly recommend that if you come fishing right now, you load your reels with line of 40 to 80 pounds for this kind of fishing.

This week, we were visited by some anglers from the Los Angeles area, including a group led by Gil Lopez, who caught various types of pompano, amberjack, and a beautiful wahoo caught by Joe L. with Capt. Jorge Lucero. A group of eight led by Matt "Mako Matt" Potter from Huntington Beach began fishing on May 28th, and they caught amberjack by Frank and Jerry, and wahoo by Chris with Capt. Nufo G.

We are of course hoping that the coming days will have even better fishing, and everybody at Tortuga is waiting for you to come to La Paz and fish with us. It is very good right now.

Also, some people are asking what fish is the "pargo colmilludo." In Spanish, colmilludo means big tooth, or big eye tooth, and we use it to refer to the very big dog snappers with very large fangs. These are different from the smaller, yellow colored ones.

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