La Paz, Mexico



July 14, 2005, Craig Jones, La Paz, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

I just returned from fishing at La Paz. I fished with Dana Clor of Fullerton and a group of 10 anglers. We fished with the Baja Pirate panga fleet out of the Las Arenas area on July 8-10, 2005. Fishing was slow. Water temperature continues to be below normal, around 74 degrees for all the days fished. Seas were smooth and the days were quite pleasant. The air temperature was well below what you expect in July.

Bait was scarce and completely unavailable on Saturday. Johnny, my captain, worked his tail off.

We ran into a marlin that took a ballyhoo on light tackle set up for small dorado. It was a good fight for 20 minutes until he decided to dislodge the 1/0 hook. We saw several other marlin, but could not get them to bite.

Fishing on Friday, we caught a couple dorado and jack crevalle.

We launched just up from the lighthouse. We ran out to the island each day for bait, or, as in most cases, wait while they caught the little bait available. Our group consisted of 5 pangas, 2 anglers each.

As a group, for the 3 days fished, we landed 15 dorado, 7 pargo, 4 triggerfish, 10 jack crevalle and 9 skipjack. No other tuna, marlin, or wahoo were landed.

We fished inside the island between Punta Gorda and the lighthouse. The captains worked the buoys for dorado.

On Friday, 2 pangas fished down toward Los Muertos, but they were the exception. Fishing was no better down there.

The pangas were spread out, so I didn't see anyone land fish, but did see them bring in their fish at the end of the day. But as the count suggests, there were not a lot of fish. Each day there was a panga or two skunked, with no fish. Saturday, after boating some ladyfish, one panga worked the lighthouse area most of the day looking for roosters. But none showed up.

At the current time, I think the water temperature is still too low and fishing was tough. As the water warms, fishing should improve.

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