Loreto, Mexico



July 20, 2005, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Mexico Fishing Report:

The Loreto fishing area has turned to typical late summer weather, complete with scorching heat and choking humidity. Expect highs just over 100 (F) with humidity to 65%. Last week, Loreto was virtually wind free out at sea until on Sunday the winds kicked up the seas offshore and on Monday they became more rough still.

Currently Loreto winds are coming from the southeast in the early mornings and at night and laying down in the early morning. At sunrise or just before, it switches direction and comes from the northeast. Usually this has a canceling out effect resulting in calm seas.

There are plenty of Sailfish and Marlin offshore to catch. The fish are 28-plus miles out and numerous. Some black marlin are also being caught by Loreto sportfishing boats, but less frequently than the striped marlin. The Northern and Eastern fishing areas have been the most productive, North of Punta Lobos 10-25 miles out, East of San Bruno 10-20 miles out, and from the centerline of Islas Carmen and Coronado and 30 miles out.

Dorado seem to not be here. The water around our area is unfit for the general populations for one reason or another and they are simply not here. Early in the season it was a question of the warm water, where it was located and when would it move in. Now the water even close to port is in the ideal range but still few dorado to be found. There is no structure, sargasso, on the surface to hold them and there hasn't been since April.

In February and March we did see floating sargasso offshore of Loreto. This along with the above average surface temperatures for late winter led us to erroneously predict an early dorado season, that of course never materialized. The cycle of sargasso growth is over and we can only hope for next year.

The water temperature is fine and the clarity seems to be so-so. Lots of bait in the water and one theory amongst the pangueros is that the dorado are feeding deep on the plentiful squid that are present. The Dorado need clear skies with plenty of hot sun to heat the water's surface. Dorado will then rise to the surface to feed and that's when we have a chance at them.

If your captain knows where to find the Yellowtail then you'll be in for a treat. The Yellowtail that are being caught are in the 30 pound size range. The commercial handliners are still coming in with them. If you're in the right place you should prepare for limits on them. They're taking iron jigs, mackerel or caballitos, or squid from off the bottom. Keep in mind that the bottom is from 200-300 feet so be ready for a challenge.

Expect to catch Cabrilla, Pargo, Roosterfish Jack Crevalle, Amberjack, Ladyfish, Triggerfish, Giant Wrasse, Barracuda, and more over the inshore areas. These have all been very numerous and consistently willing to feed since late April. These fish are being caught in just about every shoreline location that encompasses our Loreto fishing area. Water surface temperature range, 88-80 degrees.

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