Loreto, Mexico



July 18, 2005, Larry Parker, Loreto, Mexico Remote Beach Restaurant Report:

On our last trip to Loreto in June we had the opportunity to discover a new restaurant 6 kilometers north of the La Pinta named "El Picazon".

It's located on the beach directly across from Isla Coronado, and features gourmet quality food at reasonable prices, and will cook your fish fillets any style.

We went there with a party of 12 and had a large Pargo Amarillo I caught off Carmen prepared barbecue style that left the fish with a lobster texture, and flavor I couldn't have expected from such a remote spot.

The owners have relocated to Loreto from Cabo San Lucas where they operated a restaurant of the same name for some time which is still in operation. They have applied the "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME" principal, and by golly, I can't wait to go back.

The dirt road there is tough to negotiate, but workable. The most direct route is via ocean, and Alexandro is finishing the beach for landings in front of El Picazon. They are completely fluent in English, Alexandro and his wife, and greet you with "Welcome to your home." Water and beer were ice cold, and atmosphere warm and inviting.

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