Loreto, Mexico



July 31, 2005, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Mexico Fishing Report:

The beginning of the fishing week was terrible at Loreto, with weather to contend with. We had a slow moving low pressure system. Loreto did have some showers offshore on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The offshore fishing waters were rough and difficult to fish on Monday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Francisco fished for Yellowtail at San Bruno and several other areas to the north as far as Almejas. The currents were strong that day, and in fact in two separate incidents, two snorkelers got caught in the currents to the north and west of Isla Carmen and drowned.

As far as fishing was concerned that day, the squid wouldn't let anyone get mackerel. In both mackerel locations we fish, they also were suspended in the water column just above the Yellowtail, so getting YT that day was damn near impossible.

Offshore fishing conditions started to improve on Wednesday and Thursday, but were still swelly.

Friday, although not great, also showed improvement.

I sent 11 boats out on Friday and they were mixed between fishing offshore for Dorado, Marlin and Sails, and inshore for Yellowtail and Cabrilla, etc. Most came back skunked.

I had my fly anglers focus on skipjack which were plentiful. I was given a firsthand report by a private boater that fished north of Carmen that they caught a skipjack and started to drag it, then a giant tuna bit. The tuna was fought for 45 minutes before breaking off. It was estimated to be 7 feet in length and was hooked three miles north of Punta Lobos, Isla Carmen's north point.

Yesterday most of my boats decided to focus on the inshore Yellowtail fishery north of San Bruno and south of Pulpito at Puerto Almejas. The bajo there is roughly 230 feet and the Yellowtail were biting there very readily. Live mackerel with 8 oz weight fished at the bottom produced for those who were ready at the rod. Those who weren't ready lost their fish to that first hard pull. If you survive that first pull, your chances of landing the fish rise to 70 percent!

Captain Abrahn Fernandez Davis's boat the "Marvalita III" hooked into 11 fish but only landed two of them.

Captain Antonio Romero of the "Ana Karen" Murillo brought in 3 YT. Alejo Davis Romero of the "Galeota" brought in two. Nacho Quintero Rodriguez of the Marvalita II brought in one. The brothers Captains Manuel and Eulogio Davis Sanchez of the "La Loretana II" and the Infonformista y que..." respectively brought in two Yellowtail, one large cabrilla, and a dorado. Captain Victor Villelejo of the "Bibiana" got into Yellowtail but his clients, who insisted on hooking them themselves, broke off on half a dozen YT, then a school of Dorado appeared and like deer caught in headlights were not ready when the opportunity came. The dorado lost interest quickly and sounded as fast as they appeared.

Captain Francisco Munoz of the "Enzl Damiana" got into Skipjack Tuna with his fly anglers. This is an edible fish with light meat and makes great sashimi.

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