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Aug. 21, 2005, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Mexico Fishing Report:

I decided to take a look at the satellite and WOW! Hurricane Hilary! It's far away and forecast to move to the west of the Baja peninsula but we've seen that pattern deviated before.

Anyway its hot in the Loreto fishing area, and the pressure has been falling and the humidity steadily rising. The heat index on Friday was 110 and yesterday it was 120. I know one thing, there will be a lot of people at the beach today.

Fishing? What fish? Loreto's offshore fishing is terrible now. A few Dorado come in but nothing worth writing about. An occasional bull, very occasional, but if you go to the local bars it might sound like you actually have a chance at one if you set out the next morning. Don't believe it. There are some pinners in the whopping 6 pound range off Punta Perico but that's about it.

Nobody is fishing offshore of Loreto because there's nothing to go for. Large baits are not being sold nor caught.

So, armed with sardines, Loreto anglers have the best chances of fishing inshore for cabrilla and pargo and other species found over the reefs.

I went fishing on Wednesday and got one green jack and one bonita with my flyrod. In that area east of San Bruno there were lots of these fish and I could have fished there all day landing fish after fish but my kids were bored silly there so we headed back inshore.

We saw absolutely no sign of billfish and Francisco thought that was odd as he always has been seeing sailfish in that area.

The water was hot. Our range in the local waters was 81 along the shoreline to 89 offshore.

I called off my offshore day on Friday due to lack of fish. We'll wait for later this week while the kids go back to school and the moonlight will dim.

The local Club Tiro, Caza y Pesca tournament is being held in two weeks and my friend Misty and I will be forming the very first all-woman team in that Loreto fishing event. In fact there's never been a woman competitor in this tournament. Francisco will be our captain and the purse is at over $10K! Wouldn't that be nice? Anyway we will go with heavy and light conventional gear, fly gear and spin gear, sardinas, mackerel and squid along with trolling and casting lures and flies of course! So we'll be ready for whatever we see and we'll have an excellent chance at showing those guys up. Can't wait!

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