Loreto, Mexico



Sept. 30, 2005, Don Ritter, Loreto, Baja, Mexico:

I and my son Jon and six of our friends fished at Loreto with Capt. Alfredo Rubio Quintana of Rubio's Sportfishing for four days last week, Sept 26- 29.

Fishing on Monday and Tuesday was slow, with only 8 Dorado caught among the four boats.

Four of the Dorado were in the 10-20 pound size. The others were a more respectable 30 pounds.

A marlin and sailfish, both around 100 pounds were caught on Tuesday.

Fishing at Loreto on Wednesday proved to be much better, with three boats catching 9 Dorado, two of which were estimated to be 40 pounds or more by Capt. Rubio. Another marlin and sailfish were caught, again both at the 100 pounds size.

Thursday was windy with six foot plus swells, keeping most of Loreto fishermen ashore. Two brave souls did venture out and were rewarded with 6 Dorado, all weighing 25-35 pounds each.

The best Loreto fishing hole seemed to be an anchored piece of styrofoam located a few miles north of Coronado Island. Capt. Alfredo Rubio is available at 011-53-613-135-0134, rubiosportfishing@hotmail.com.

According to Alfredo, the Baja southern fishing water is still very warm, but I don't know actual temperatures. The clarity seemed very good. We did not see any seaweed or kelp paddies the whole time. I paid special attention on the flight in and out of Loreto, looking for any sign of paddies from overhead, but saw none.

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