Loreto, Mexico



Jan. 6-13, 2006, Patty Zapata, Hotel Oasis, Loreto, Baja California, Mexico Sportfishing Report:

This week at Loreto we have some fisherman and the wind is allowing the sportfishing boats to go out.

Travis Flippen and wife Jennifer Flippen fished on January 8th, "a perfect fishing day in Loreto, Baja California."

After their breakfast at daybreak they departed from the beach front of the Hotel Oasis. Once boarded they went for catching live bait for, "It was so fun," they said.

Then they went a few miles out to fish at "La Choya" between Coronado and Carmen Islands. They mentioned that it seems that the Capt. Martin Davis had a chart in his mind because he knew exactly where to go. They went for yellowtail, one of the hardest fighting fish around. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and smoking reels. They landed 5 and lost 3. The largest was 34 pounds and the smallest 23 pounds. Travis Flippen said, "I am going to be wearing a big grin for a long time!" They had a wonderful time and in his own words "...one of the most important parts of the fishing trip was the incredible views of the islands and the mountains rising up from the blue green ocean keep you spellbound the whole time you are out."

Fishing at the same place and guided by Loreto captain Martin Davis, Louie Bischosberger, Yeo Party, Ted, Albert and Phillip and Bruno Gaizi were out and trying to get bait. They did not have very much luck until the sun came out. No mackerel only "caballitos." Fishing for them started out slow at "La Choya" between the Baja islands and when they started biting they lost 8 hookups. They ended with 3 Yellowtail up to 30 pounds and one cabrilla. Their other Baja fishing party Louie and Bruno had better luck and ended up with 4 Yellowtail 33 to 35 pounds.

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