Loreto, Mexico



June 28, 2006, Dorado, marlin, and sailfish plentiful in Loreto waters, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

It's hot down here. Since last Thursday the winds slowed to a standstill and the surface went flat.

The dorado fishing at Loreto is getting better and better. Reports of densely floating sargasso paddies came in, at first only to the north but after a few more days I heard it was inside.

The locations of the dorado schools change every day but they tend to appear near and over seamounts. We are fishing the northern bajos for the most part where Arturo's Sportfishing set three buoys. Boats relied on birds, sargasso sightings, jumpers and other boats to lead them to where the dorado were. We sent boats in every direction and found most fish to our north off San Bruno and points beyond. To the south there was lots of sargasso but few fish.

The billfish remain very abundant. In fact they're thick in many locations and you can be sure to get one or more if you're targeting them. The sailfish are being caught and spotted jumping in the distance as close in as Isla Coronado's north side. We're also seeing and catching them off the Baja Cortez fishing areas of Punta Tintorera, Punta Lobos, and Punta Perico. The marlin are equally plentiful but will be caught a bit further offshore, beyond the islands. The sailfish have been large this year with 135 pounds very common and 150 pounders pretty frequent too.

I heard fewer and fewer comments on yellowfin tuna since last week and my boats also aren't bringing back any either. News on the yellowfin tuna is that, yes, there are some out there, but a long ways off. Try 50-plus miles.

Loreto water surface temperatures were 74 to 84 degrees.On Monday, June 26th, 26 pangas going out for fishing and fly fishing produced a combined 56 dorados between 42 pounds and 16 pounds, and 1 sailfish of 98 pounds, plus a released 44 dorados and 7 sailfish.

On Tuesday the same number of pangas went out and combined produced 48 dorados between 40 and 16 pounds, 16 triggerfish of 4 pounds, and 2 cabrillas of 9 and 11 pounds. Sixteen dorados were also released. Both days the fishing area was 8 miles east of Coronado Island.

Fishing on Wednesday, June 28th, 18 pangas on the sea combined produced 60 dorados, the biggest 48 pounds and smaller 15 pounds; one pargo, 12 pounds; and 15 triggerfish, 4 pounds. The fishing location was the same, 8 miles east Coronado Island.

Thursday and Friday, 5 pangas went out each day and produced a combined catch of 22 dorados of 38, 34, 32 and 31 pounds, and smaller 16 pounds; and 1 pargo 8, pounds. The fishing was in the same area off Loreto, 5 miles east Isla Coronado.

On Saturday. July 1st, 8 pangas went out with a production combined of 30 dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish), biggest 34 pounds, smaller 17 pounds; and 2 triggerfish, 4 pounds each. The fishing area was the same, 8 miles east Coronado Island. Dorados were also released 32.

Anglers fishing Mexican waters at Loreto during the week included William Reidelbach and son, George Simpson and friend, Greg Soash and James Allend, the group of Victor Perez, Kent Mcculloch, Larry Silva and Chuck Muth, Carl Blakcledge, Anmthong Gayou, Dennis Weyemberger, Robert Carrillo, Eric Ortiz, Miguel Marín, Brian Mason, Paul Lluc, Mr. Aguillard and Mr. Dwight, David and Daniel Jeffrey, Rong Fong, Ken Scott and Jeffrey Reasoner, William Bayer, Gary Stallger, Thomas Worth and Party, Chris Worth, and Keith Bearden and Erin Zetter.

Our charter fishing captains were: Paulino Martínez, Anastasio Quintana, Francisco Murillo, Isidro Mendoza, Felipe Romero, Jesús Talamantes, Martín Perpuli, Abel Davis Jr., Alejandro Romero, Abel Davis Senior, Francisco Martínez Senior, Antonio Davis Castro, Martín Davis Castro, Alfonso Susarrey, Francisco Martínez Jr., Alejo Davis, Jesús Davis, Ismael Murillo, Reynaldo Rubio, Abraham Fernández, Joselino Murillo, Antonio Monzón Jr., Rigoberto Davis, José Ildefonso Amador, Paulino Martínez, and Joselino Murillo.

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