Loreto, Mexico



July 16, 2006, Patty Zapata, Hotel Oasis, Few anglers but plenty of dorado in local waters, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

This Baja fishing week was slow for visitors or Loreto, but those who went fishing had a great time. Loreto weather was mostly calm, hot on some days, cloudy, and with some wind and small swells. On Tuesday and Saturday we had waves 2 meters high out of Loreto very early in the morning and then complete calm.

The water surface temperature is between 84 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fishing on Tuesday the 11th, two pangas went out to San Bruno Reef and northeast Coronado Island and combined produced 10 dorados, the biggest 22 pounds and the smallest 16 Pounds. P-line was used, 50 pound and 40 pound, and the hooks were No. 2. The bait was mackerel and squid. The anglers were Dan Singer and Tom Johnson; Tommy and Tom Agosta and Joey Iriberri. The skippers were Martín Perpuly and Paulino Martínez.

On Wednesday July 12th another two Loreto pangas went out fishing with anglers Dick Sheere, Jon Pariser and Joan Bennett and Dan Singer and Tom Johnson. The action took place for them at San Bruno Reef and combined produced 10 Dorados, the biggest 41 Pounds and smallest 20 Pounds. They released 18 Dorados.

For Jon Pariser it was his first experience with Dorado and he was wondering about the strong and acrobatic fish called Dorado. All of them had a lot of fun and a great experience! The skippers were Marcelo Fuerte and Martín Perpuli, using P-Line 50 pound, Izorline 40 pound and 30 pound and Gamakatsu 7/0 hooks.

On Saturday 15th two pangas went fishing with anglers Richard Sheere and Joan Bennett, Jerry Hahn, Randy Wright, and Len Schermer 5 miles northeast San Bruno and combined produced their limits of Dorados, 10 between 20 and 15 pounds. Skippers were Poncho Susarrey and Isidro Mendoza.

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