Loreto, Mexico



July 29, 2006, Patty Zapata, Hotel Oasis, Big dorado week for fly fishing anglers despite tropical storm Emilia:

Fishing this week was not as good as expected. We had Tropical Storm "Emilia" interacting with other weather conditions on the Pacific that made this week hot and humid some days and others windy and cloudy with only one day of rain. Water surface temperature went down and was between 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit.

We had another group, 53 persons, of fly fishermen. Thirty-six of our pangas went out from Loreto Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and, they caught an average of 200 dorado between 30 and 19 pounds in 5 days. Most of the fishing was catch and release. This group used 10 and 12 weight rods with floating lines for the poppers and sinking lines for the fly's. They also caught 25 sailfish trolling between 80 and 90 pounds. The main area was "Las Boyas" east of San Bruno.

Anglers were: Maurice and Sharon Renaud; Arthur Gregory and Atwin King; Ronald Kennady and Thomas Cook; Larry and Chris Petrakis; Scott and Norton; George Neher and George Schulze; Davis Sellers and Wayman Lee; Fred Virgilio and Ronald Dong; Theodore Krishisky; Michael Morris and Andrew Laursen; John Pope; William Bryson and Lunsford Yandell; John Kirkendoll and Eric Berg; Robert Crrech and Gary Webb; Roberto Spacy and Breon Robertson, Steven Hemkens and Jason Dietrich; Matthew and Julie Havelock; Theodore and Virginia Reznik; George and Russell Smith ; Paul Holmes and Daniel Decker; Leonard LaCasse and Brian Taugijer; John Waldum and George Brown; John and David Ring; and Bob Iise.

Their Loreto sportfishing skippers were: Gaspar Perpuly, Jesús Talamantes, Mono Davis, Enrique Talamantes, Humberto Romero, Juan Pablo Davis "Momo", Francisco Davis Sánchez (Galo), Adrian Quintana (Chapa), Pedro Fernández, Rigoberto Davis y Juvencio Alcaide, José Ildefonso Amador, Francisco Murillo Davis, Alfredo Rubio, Abel Davis Manríquez, Antonio Monzón Jr., Felipe Romero, Reynaldo Rubio, Martín Davis Castro, Martín Perpuly, Isidro Mendoza, Juan Pablo Meza Davis, Anastasio Quintana, Servando Davis, Ismael Murillo, Joselino Murillo, Paulino Martínez, Abraham Fernánde4z, Ernesto Fuentes, Antonio Davis Castro, Bernabé Davis, Francisco Javier Martínez Jr., and Abel Davis Jr.

On Thursday, July 27th, Rick Pope went out fishing with Reynaldo Rubio and and decided to bring back a beautiful dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) of 40 pounds. He is a fly fisherman and fished with P-Line 12 wt. They went to north of Coronado Island. He described the weather as very good on that day and accordingly in his own words: "One of the most memorable and enjoyable days of my fishing career".

The same fishing day, Dan Anderson and Pat Ferguson had an outstanding day of fishing with multiple dual hookups. They released the small Dorado and kept the bigs including a 37 pound bull.

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