Loreto, Mexico



Aug. 19, 2006, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Summer sportfishing report, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The Loreto sportfishing area has been very fortunate this year. We had an excellent Yellowtail season and before they even left the dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) started to come in.

Dorado fishing off Loreto right now is world class. All dorado fishing is taking place to the north of Isla Coronado and offshore off the "50," or "cincuenta" spot and Bajo de las Boyas.

The closest school of Dorado can be found at Coronado Island and between the channel that separates it and its small satellite island. The dorado there are smaller than the ones being caught further offshore but they're nothing to sneeze at, going from 5 to over 20 pounds, You can catch and release as many as you'd like.

Make sure you have Loreto Marine Park tickets as this area is so close they'll definitely be checking.

At the San Bruno area north of Loreto you'll also have a crack at 30 to 40 pound Humboldt Squid. The Dorado in that area are from 18 to over 40 pounds.

The squid can be jigged up deep in the water column near where the Dorado are being caught and used as bait for making a vertical chum line.

At Bajo de las Boyas 20 to 40-plus pound dorado are being caught and Sailfish and Marlin are frequent. The Marlin are both striped marlin and black marlin.

The largest dorado are being caught farther north at the Mercenarios area and also at a boya we set between Isla Carmen and Isla Coronado in line with Punta Lobos and near the 50 spot.

Please remember that 2 Dorado per person per day is the legal limit for sportfishing in Mexican waters.

Inshore, Cabrilla and Pargo and other species are plentiful and may be caught off the northern shore lines of Isla Carmen among other locations.

Roosterfish are biting on flies and live bait now. I haven't heard of any being caught larger than 30 pounds yet. We're getting them inside Puerto Balandra on Isla Carmen and off Isla Coronado.

Loreto water surface temperature range: 74-85 degrees.

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