Loreto, Mexico



Aug. 31, 2006, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Baja, Mexico:

Fishing is good at Loreto and has been good for several weeks. Typical for August, we have big dorado, lots of loners and pairs mixed with billfish, both sailfish and marlin, striped and black.

There are some smaller fish off Isla Coronado, the same school we've had here for several weeks.

But as of this afternoon the water surface is starting to deteriorate and I expect more as the days pass. Hurricane John looks like it will make its presence known in the Loreto vacation area; its a matter of by how much.

We have had our busiest season we ever. My arms are ripped and buff from tossing around full ice chests to the amazement of those who watch at the marina. Baja Big Fish Company turned 10 years old on 23 August, 2006, and I was so busy that I couldn't even celebrate let alone tell a few people about the landmark day. We will have a formal 10 year celebration in October.

I'm getting ready for a storm. I need a couple of sandbags, windows taped, store merchandise moved, equipment, etc., in the shop. Also, pull money out of the ATM to have on hand if the power goes out. I will clean the oil filter on the generator and make sure its filled with gas.

I hope it just dumps rain on us, as we need it, but the winds I don't want. I've got lots of food already, propane tomorrow.

I expect Loreto to get hit the hardest on Friday night into Saturday depending on how fast the storm moves. I have a satellite antenna that's at the edge on the roof so I will try to keep it up as long as possible, then will need to take it down before the high winds. I will report any damage as soon as I can.

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