Loreto, Mexico



Oct. 12, 2006, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

This report is dedicated to the memory of Loreto sportfishing Captain Jesus "Cuate" Murillo. Captain Jesus worked for 12 years for Arturo's Sportfishing. Throughout the ten years that we've been in business, I was lucky to enjoy his good sense of humor and knowledge of our offshore and inshore waters.

Captain Jesus gaffed a large Dorado about two weeks ago and slipped and fell in the boat, hitting his ribcage against the bait tank. He was in pain but didn't take it seriously and continued to work for another three days. Finally the pain became so great that his family took him to the hospital. He had fractured two ribs and one of them had punctured a lung. Captain Jesus died of internal bleeding and severe infection. He was buried yesterday evening, Oct. 11, 2006. He leaves a wife and four children behind and remains in our thoughts as one of the great captains of Loreto.


Loreto had a really good year in 2006 with world class Dorado fishing that started to become consistent as early as mid-May. Now, in the late part of Loreto's summer fishing season, it appears that the quality of the Dorado bite had yet to subside.

Offshore sea surface temperatures are still ideal for Dorado and they are still the main species being targeted at Loreto by sport fishermen. Loreto sportfishing captains are looking for flotsam offshore as the Dorado typically are found lingering underneath it.

Two Dorado per person per day is the legal limit. The dorado are averaging in the mid 20 pound range, with an occasional larger fish in the 40's. They are taking both trolled live mackerel or squid strips and cast live sardina baits. They are being caught in several locations including San Bruno, Bajo de las Boyas, east of Isla Coronado, and Puerto Almejas.

There is still a significant amount of debris floating offshore due to the rains in our areas. While motoring out there, check your water pump output often. If it is not putting out a sufficient amount of water or no water at all, chances are that the intake is blocked with debris. Two to three times a week we are having to remove blockage.

Sailfish in the 100 pound size range are also still being caught in the same general locations and with the same techniques as the Dorado. We encourage the release of all billfish.

As the summer air temperatures cool down, offshore sea surface temperatures also cool. The offshore sea temperatures cool more quickly than along the shorelines and the area between Loreto and the surrounding shorelines and islands of Coronado, Carmen and Danzante. As the dorado start their southward migration they follow the movement of the warm water. This is when we'll be able to catch dorado and sailfish very close to port. That usually takes place from mid-October through November.

With Loreto tourism at a slack period there are few fishing boats going out, so besides having the water to yourself now, you'll also have the fish to yourself.

Expect more Roosterfish as water temperatures fall, also Snapper, Seabass and other familiar inshore inhabitants like Triggerfish, giant Wrasse, Ladyfish, and Sierra Mackerel.

Water Surface Temperature Range: 84-88 degrees.

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