Loreto, Mexico



Nov. 3, 2006, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Baja California, Sur, Mexico:

This week at Loreto has been very good both weather-wise and fish-wise. Last Saturday was too windy to go out and I canceled a couple of reservations that we had coming from off the cruise ship. The Loreto fishing are was very windy with rough seas.

I went out on Sunday and the seas were much better, although it was bumpy offshore. We fished around Isla Coronado and we caught dorado just a stone's throw from the shoreline just north of Punta Colorado, across the channel from Isla Coronado.

There were about two dozen fish that we could see but they were very picky and only wanted live sardinas, and wouldn't take any flies no matter what we put on or how well they were presented.

The skies became overcast then the fishing slowed considerably.

Monday and Tuesday at Loreto were perfect days and our guys fished conventional tackle with mackerel and did well on dorado and sailfish.

Several sailfish were caught on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with live mackerel. The sailfish and dorado were caught over the bajo at Mercenarios, at bajo de las boyas and in between. Easy limits were made.

Yesterday the north winds started before 9 a.m. and I didn't have anyone scheduled to go out.

I canceled my own trip today because I expected winds, but today has turned out to be pretty nice, albeit overcast.

Even though my captains told me there were a lot of dorado offshore, they mentioned that the dorado were very picky to eat and would probably have been difficult on flies.

Offshore fishing water temperatures at Loreto are falling and the inshore and shoreline temperatures are like bath water, I'd guess in the low 80's, so I believe the dorado will move inshore in better numbers as the offshore water cools down.

No yellowtail are being caught yet. Even the commercials aren't getting them. There are a few cabrilla and pargo, but the fish markets have mainly sierra. All they have is sierra. That must be explained by the heavy netting that was taking place last week and early this week along the shorelines from Isla Coronado and north of Loreto.

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