Loreto, Mexico



Jan. 4, 2007, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

We moved our Baja Big Fish Company shop on the weekend of the 15th of December and after waiting for the place to be completely rewired, which took a week, we opened on the 26th of December for coffee and fishing.

With winds as bad as they've been, the move didn't deter any fishermen because we could barely go out anyway.

The coffee business is brisk and it's kept me really busy. I'm roasting the coffee and making all the desserts and I had to train staff over the past week.

The winds at Loreto have been so bad throughout the entire month of December that we only fished a few days total last month. On one of those days, I wanted to cancel but the guy insisted on going out, on December 29th.

They caught a thirty pound dorado along the shoreline of the Baja peninsula just to the north of Isla Coronado. Not bad, but it sure couldn't have been comfortable fishing out there that day!

On two other fishing days, the 16th of December was nice, and on the 17th of December the winds started again so it was nasty out there for fishing.

So far in Loreto fishing during 2007, New Year's Day was nice and today is really nice but it looks as though, from the wind line, the nortes will start blowing again and will be here mañana!

Francisco went to look for the sign guy, as we still don't have our Baja Big Fish Company store sign up. The guy keeps saying mañana, but he does good work so we'll let it slide. Our coffee business is very busy even without a sign.

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