Loreto, Mexico



Jan. 14, 2007, Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I am having the hardest time catching up, but it may be that we're still waiting for a telephone to be transferred from the old store in Loreto to the new one, so I'm working in two places at once.

We're booking fishing trips up very fast for the summer, but it's hard to think about fishing with the wind blowing like it is.

Today we canceled another day of fishing. We've had to do this several times this week and we sent nobody out.

It's been the same in the Loreto fishing area for the past six weeks, save about four days that were decent. Yes, there are fish out there, but the winds have prevented us from getting them.

Most Loreto fishing boats are huddled off Isla Coronado's east and southeast sides, whatever side protects them from the wind. There, they're catching yellowtail under 20 pounds.

There are also sierra mackerel along the shore lines near Isla Coronado and points north or Loreto and inside Puerto Escondido.

Roosterfish, cabrilla, pargo are also along the shorelines where we can fish.

Believe it or not, we got a 30 pound dorado right before New Year's. This is due to the thick populations of dorado that Loreto had this summer. Some of these dorado have stayed around in the pockets of warm water near the shore lines.

So at this point in the Loreto sportfishing area of Baja, we're waiting for the winds to slow down so we can get out for at least two days in a row.

When you go out one day one week, another two weeks later it's hard to judge where the best place will be.

The Loreto bait guys are also hit-and miss-as the weather has also prevented them from catching bait consistently.

Today we're feeling a strong north wind and it is building stronger. It will continue to strengthen to near tropical storm force, 34 m.p.h., then lay down once the sun sets.

Tonight will be still and cold at Loreto, and tomorrow the wind will seem innocent at first, then build until it's uncomfortable to be out in them, even in town, let alone on the water.