Magdalena Bay, Mexico



Nov. 17, 2004, Tim McNulty, boat Corsario, Magdalena Bay, Mexico Fishing Cruise Report:

At San Carlos, we fueled up Corsario on the 10th. It's a 60 foot Hatteras owned by Steve Campbell from Rancho Santa Fe. We fished mostly south of the Magdalena Bay Entrada for the next five days around the Pinnacle and other high spots. The water was warmer south, 77, and we never went north again to Thetis. The weather had also improved with fairly calm seas and light wind most of the time. We spent most nights at that southern cove, Tosca, and one night at Belchers.

The Dorado fishing was very good, catching 8 to 12 a day. We had a few bulls which exceeded 40 pounds and most dorado were 20-30 pounds. After a while we just released the dorado.

Yellowfin tuna was wide open on the porpoise, but they were generally small, so after a few stops we let them alone.

On Striped Marlin, we averaged about two a day and lost a lot more. We had a lot of jig strikes which did not hold, and caught some on the drop back. The Stripers were not on the surface sleeping or tailing, etc. Karl caught one striper that was a bear, approximately 180 pounds, and took an hour to get in. I caught one wahoo early in the morning near the Entrada on a Marauder.

The highlight of the trip for me was I finally succeeded in catching a Blue Marlin, estimated 275 pounds. It was the last day and our last fish of the trip. We hooked it near the Morgan Bank on our way down to Cabo on a Zucker Mean Joe Green. It was an unbelievable fish, chasing the boat from behind and then running all over the place. I used the stand up gear with 50-pound and a Tiagra 30SW. We got the fish to the boat in 30 minutes and we released it. That fish pulled very hard and it was a great experience. Ironically, the night before we watched that Steward Campbell video were the angler was pulled out of chair overboard by a Blue. Watch those leaders!

We got into Cabo about 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 14. We were too tired to fish again, although the fishing was very good down in Cabo and the freezers on Corsario were all full of fish. Overall, it was a very good trip.

Unfortunately at the Morgan Bank there were numerous tuna seiners all over the bank with helicopters, etc. Also, the commercial feet in Magdalena Bay appears to be netting a lot of the bait fish and one commercial boat came in bragging that they got 150 swordfish.

Others on our Mag Bay crew included Darryl Covington and Carl Nelson.

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