Magdalena Bay, Mexico



Nov. 14-19, 2004, Dana Kerby, Erik, Magdalena Bay, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

The panga mothership Erik, based in San Felipe, Baja California, completed its final trip for the 2004 season out of Bahia Magdalena with 15 passengers, me included, and a crew of 14.

The first day of Magdalena Bay fishing, Sunday, Nov. 14, was at Bajo Thetis, better known as Thetis Bank. It was very windy, with large swells. However, the catch was good, with 166 tuna in the 10 to 25 pound range being caught, plus 2 dorado and a large yellowtail.

Monday, Nov. 15, found us anchored at the south end of Isla Magdalena at Punta Entrada, where we trolled between that point and the north point of Isla Santa Margarita, or Punta Redondo, as well as outside La Entrada. Yellowtail and dorado were caught that day, as well as a lot of bonito. All the smaller fish were released.

Tuesday, Nov. 16, dawned with great Magdalena Bay weather and smooth seas. We spent the day at Bajo Thetis. Catch of tuna, wahoo, dorado and a lot of bonito and whitefish, most of which were released.

Wednesday, Nov. 17, we returned to Bajo Thetis and caught a lot of nice sized baqueta, better known as leatherback grouper, more wahoo, a couple of black seabass, sheephead, more tuna and a lot of smaller miscellaneous fish, all of which were released.

Thursday, Nov. 18, we were back at Punta Entrada for the day. Large cabrilla, some to 20 pounds or more, dorado, grouper, sierra mackerel, spotted bay bass, and a lot of bonita were caught that day.

Friday, Nov. 19, we were at the pier in San Carlos, Magdalena Bay, where most of the passengers tried their luck in the Magdalena Bay mangroves with lighter gear. A lot of smaller fish, including sand bass, were caught and released, with the fishermen already having enough filets of tuna, dorado and wahoo, for those who caught them, to fill their ice chests.

Total catch for the Magdalena Bay trip: Tuna: 265 (in the 10 - 40 lb. range); wahoo: 7 (15 to 40 lbs.); dorado: 15 (up to 30 lb.); yellowtail: 40 (7 to 35 lbs.); leatherback grouper: 52 (5 to 25 lb.): cabrilla: 17 (20 lb. range); sheephead: 2; miscellaneous (all released except for what we ate) - 143.

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