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Oct. 20, 2006, Bob Selvin, charter master, boat Pacific Dawn, Geronimo Island, Isla San Martin, Mexico:

On a skiff mothership trip aboard the boat Pacific Dawn, we fished 3 days in the Geronimo Island area and one day at San Martin Island off the northern Pacific coast of Baja California, Mexico. There were eight fishermen and five crew on the trip.

The trip's fishing highlight was 65 white seabass caught, with 29 caught on day one, 36 caught on day two. These white seabass were in the 15-25 pound class.

Also caught were an estimated 700-plus calico bass caught and released, with an average weight 5-1/2 pounds. Several calico bass over 8 pounds and one over 9 pounds were caught.

We also caught lots of big bonito of 9-12 pounds, and big whitefish of 8-10 pounds and pesky barracuda. Most of the fish were caught on bass tackle, level wind reels and plastic swim baits.

This was my fourth annual, limited load Baja coast skiff trip in Mexico and my second trip aboard Capt. Pat Cavanaugh's boat Pacific Dawn.

We returned Friday morning, Oct. 13, 2006, after three days of fishing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at San Geronimo Island and the Sacramento Reef area on the Mexican coast down below San Quintin, and Thursday at San Martin Island north of San Quintin.

We fished on 3 very comfortable inflatables and had the option of fishing on the big boat as well. The inflatables handle two fishermen and a driver.

The fishing went wide open soon after we arrived the first day.

We had more than a dozen calico bass over 7 pounds. The great majority of fish were caught on all varieties of plastics and some on the iron and some on bait.

This great calico bass fishing was overshadowed on Monday and Tuesday afternoon as the white seabass fishing went stupid.

Whatever makes a great sportfishing boat captain, Pat Cavanaugh has it.

Pat made a short move on Monday afternoon to a nearby area where I certainly haven't fished, nor had Pat. He set up on this spot because it "looked fishy" with the birds working a certain way and the current running downhill.

Almost every cast produced a calico bass or white seabass. When the bite ceased, we had put 29 white seabass on the boat in the 15-25 pound class.

We were able to anchor in that spot overnight and Tuesday's fishing virtually mirrored that of Monday.

Pat said, "I must say this is the best white seabass fishing for me personally that I have ever experienced."

I have to personally thank Pat and his outstanding crew of Mike, Mike, Chaz and the superb, gourmet-like food of Jeremy in the galley for a most memorable experience and a Mexico fishing trip that went absolutely perfect.


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