Mexico Coastal Areas



Nov. 24, 2006, David Burns, Restaurant El Manglar, Tecolutla, Vera Cruz, Mexico:

This part of the Mexican coast at Veracruz was under siege at the beginning of the week as a low pressure mass kept us in our houses suffering from temperatures below 65 degrees and strong rains. However, when it all cleared up on Tuesday the fish were very hungry.

All lanchas are reporting very good catches. Fishing was good but, with the exception of Bonito and Cojinuda, still limited to the species who make the bottom their home. Anticipation is high for the coming of the King Mackerel. Within the next two weeks.

We are busy making preparations for the Christmas holidays here at Restaurant El Manglar, so I could only squeeze out a few hours at the beach this week.

It looked so promising as I walked to my favorite palapa but when my line started gently pulling shortly after the first cast I knew what I was up against: the dreaded sea weed.

Yep, all sorts of nasty vegetation just lazing around the bottom waiting to latch on to a unsuspecting hook or line and drag it down the beach. Anyway I managed to "land" a croaker the length of my middle finger; how's that for a metaphor? After three casts I packed up the rod and busiest myself with beer and book.

One Mexican fisherman's wife stopped by and was selling some nice sized Bobo or hog mullet that her husband caught with a throw net. These are seasonal fish and the hueva, or egg sack, is considered a highly desirable delicacy by the locals.

Gabriel also passed by with a couple of Robalo or snook for sale. He was throwing his net where the mangroves and river meet and had some very good luck. The larger of his two fish was about four kilos, mas o menos.

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