Mulege, Mexico



May 4, 2004, Ron Grant, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Just returned from a week in Mulege. Weather great in high 80s with some light winds coming up in the afternoon. Water temp in high 70s to low 80s. Perfect Dorado waters. Mulege tides low for launching deep draft boats off the Serenidad ramp in the morning this past week. I personally launched in the afternoon and moved the boat to the other side of the river for an early morning get out. It’s a 10-minute drive from the Serenidad to town and out the other side river road to the boat dock.

Yellowtail are still running at the North end of San Marcos and Tortuga Island.

Most Mulege fishing boats are fishing for Dorado which are in in good numbers. It’s only a matter of finding the fish. First day, the boats that went out about 18 to 25 miles on a heading of 35 degrees off the Mulege lighthouse all got limits of dorado in a short time.

The next day the boats that took a heading of 65 to 70 degrees off the lighthouse about 17 miles hit the fish in good numbers. The 17 miles on 65 to 75 degrees would put you off Punta Conception about 10 to 14 miles. Not many kelp patties but if you do find one you will not get far from it the rest of the day as the Dorado will be all around it. Found one patty with working birds and stayed with it over an hour catching and releasing Dorado.

Not bad size. Some bulls up to 30 pounds, most female between 12 to 18 pounders. The yellowtail are running large, between 15 to 25 pounders.

The none keeper Dorado schools normally will start showing in mid-June but don't see many dinks this early in the year.

Most Mulege fish are being taken on feathers, any color, with red and white being the hot color on my boat. Even picked up numbers of fish with jigs out of the patty.

Seen a good number of Marlin in the water but have not heard of any being taken. The San Marcos Yellowtail tournament was this past weekend with a good turnout and, I understand, good fishing at the north end of the island. Runway at the Serenidad in good condition for the fly-ins.

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