Mulege, Mexico



July 15, 2004, Gary Thomas, Mulege, Mexico Fishing.

My wife Peggy & I returned from Mulege last night. We fished from 7/1 to 7/12. We were fishing out of our new 18' Zodiac "Stingray".

The fishing was generally good. We managed to catch at least a few dorado every day except the last day because we targeted bills that day.

On 3 separate days we found the magic paddie & caught as many as we felt like catching on those days, something like 14, 2 days & 15, 1 day.

Most days we caught 3 to 5 dorado 7 maybe a bill or 2.

One day we ran 28 miles to the south & caught 6 yellowfin tuna from 8 to 20 #'s. We were almost to San Nicolas that day. We also caught 1 dorado & lost a big blue that day. He ran off 450 yds. in less than a minute.

Total bills for the trip were 2 sails(less than 100#s), 2 stripers(110 & 125#s) & 2 blues (150 & 350+/-#s) all released. We also had several more on that we managed to loose.

Everything was caught trolling feathers, mostly 6 shooter jetheads. We don't fish with bait. Hot colors were blu/wht, pink/wht & Mexican flag. Caught most of the marlin on bleeding mackeral jets, 8 to 10" long.

Lots of grass. It paddies up on calmer days & if you look hard enough, you should find at least a few dorado. All of the bills except the big one came from Santa Ines islands to the north end of San Marcos at least 8 miles east of the islands.

Water temp flucuations. Temp was bouncing all over the place. Our first day on the point it was 82, the next 79 & 3-4 days later 84. By the 11th there was 84-86 degree water all over the place. On the 12th it had dropped back to 80-81.

Everything released except the tuna & 2 dorado. Hotel is full but hardly any Americans, mostly Mexican families. Good fishing.

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