Mulege, Mexico



July 27, 2004, Ron Grant, Hotel Serenidad, Mulege, Mexico Fishing:

Just returned from a 5 day run to Mulege. Weather in the mid 90s during the day cooling to mid 70s at night. Water temps almost 90 in some areas and high 70s to low 80s in fishing areas.

Mulege fishing very slow. Found good weed lines with Dorado under pattys and seen lots of jumping Dorado but little or no fish. I did not make live bait as that my be the answer. However, the few boats that had live bait did not have any better results. The few Dorado that were caught where all feather fish. Bonito are easy to get and I did try cut bait with the same results, no fish.

At about 20 miles out the water temps were in the high 70s. Direction from Mulege did not seem to make a difference. I fished off Conception Point and the mine area from 3 to 8 miles out. That would be a heading of appr'ox 65 degrees off the light house. I found the scum lines and patties at about the 5 mile point off the mine area and seen a lot of jumping dorado and several patties with dorado under them, but they would not touch a feather, jig or cut bait. Via radio the boats that went north from Mulege did not do much better. The very few dorado that were caught were all small and would normally be released fish.

Mulege is real busy this time of the year with Mexican vacationers out of the north. Most American residents have left the area for the summer.

Runway at the Serenidad in good condition. The hotel very busy with Mexican Tourists.

Easy aircraft border crossing as most fees have been dropped by the government. Aircraft fuel is running about the same as in the US and perhaps a little cheaper. Surcharges and landing fees have been mostly dropped and they are giving multiple entry permits at a cost of about $50 dollars for Mexican airspace use and its good for one calender year. It use to be $50 for each crossing. FMT Tourist permits are $22 for each passenger.

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