Mulege, Mexico



Aug. 21, 2004, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico fishing report:

Fishing remains slow in the Mulege area with only an occasional Dorado or two being taken. Most of the lucky anglers are scoring with live bait and are traveling north of San Marcos Island to the Santa Rosalia area.

Mulege's sportfishing water temperatures remain high and there is generally a lack of grass in the area. Best results are found trolling the slicks which are above the upwellings. Food and shelter are more abundant there and the few Mulege Dorado that are here seem to congregate around them. The calamari fisherman around San Marcos are reporting that there are lots of Dorado at night so giving up a night's sleep may be the answer to filling an ice chest.

A few home-guard Yellowtail are being caught around Isla San Marcos on live bait. You have to fish deep, right in the rocks, preferably with live bait to get them. Some grouper and a few Dog Snapper and Pargo are also being caught in the depths.

Trolling with lures in and around the rocky shorelines is always productive. Grouper, cabrilla, Triggerfish, etc. can usually be found in the area, especially around the rocky points. Hit each point at least three times, at different distances from shore, and then move on to the next point if you don't score. This is an especially good technique for Mulege fishing, especially from Pt. Concepcion to as far south as San Nicholas. You have to watch the wind, however. If you're trolling south, don't let a north wind make a trip home uncomfortable. At the first sign of a strengthening north wind, head for Mulege!

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