Mulege, Mexico



Sept. 10, 2004, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing:

The first part of this past week was a continuation of the bad weather we had the week before so Mulege fishing had to be put off until midweek at the earliest.

As soon as the water was fishable, I went out to see how Mulege's reef fishing was affected by the storms. Fortunately, the fish, mostly Triggers, Pargo and Snapper, were still around most of the usual points and eagerly inhaled just about anything I threw at them, from bait to a wide variety of artificials.

Sierra and Barracuda are also plentiful and will readily attack both Hoochies and broken-back Rebels. Troll the Hoochies fast and the Rebels fairly slowly. Color does not seem to be important although all the Hoochies I make and use are a dark color over a flashy, lighter color. I use a larger one, about 5-1/2" long, over a shorter one, about 4-1/4" long.

Notwithstanding the heavy weather at the start of the week, a few Mulege Dorado continue to be caught and they are quality fish ranging up to 35-40 lbs. Larger ones have been hooked, including by yours truly, but, for one reason (excuse) or other, they remain free to roam the Sea of Cortez. One of the local commercial fishermen I know, Manuel Diaz Jr., reported that he had one in the 50 pound category spool him. I know Manuel well and he does not exaggerate.

I got my depth finder back after repairs were made so I can truthfully report that Mulege fishing water is a nice 82-84 degrees, depending on where you are. I went out Friday and ran into a school of Dorado about four miles due north of Pt. Concepción in about 150 ft. of water. They weren't interested in the usual fare and hit only sardines while I was drift fishing but I hooked three nice ones before calling it a day.

Mulege guides are reporting spotty fishing for Dorado but those fish that are being taken are larger fish and will readily take bait, either live or cut.

Sailfish continue to bite readily and many nice fish are being taken from Isla Santa Inez to south of Pt. Concepción.

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