Mulege, Mexico



Jan. 16, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

This week started off with GREAT fishing conditions at Mulege.

On Monday and Tuesday, Mulege's 62-degree water was as smooth as glass and there was just a hint of wind to keep the afternoon temperatures around the 80 degree mark. A couple of the commercial fishing guys took some clients out on Monday and scored with full limits of yellowtail in the 25 to 40 pound class. These guys were using live bait and were fishing in the Punta Chivato and Isla San Marcos areas. The yellowtail are mostly still up north but we anticipate that more of them will be moving south to the Santa Inez and Mulege fishing areas soon.

On Tuesday, Cody and Andrea (Andy) Spahn, of Mulege, went fishing up at Isla Santa Inez long enough to drag a MirrOlure through the area and pull in a 44-pound yellowtail in 50 feet of water. They then went up to try some live bait at San Marcos and got four big hits from the local yellowtail but were unable to get any into the boat.

I had the same luck on Tuesday at San Marcos also. I was fishing between Cody and Andy's boat and Mike Kanzler. I got some hits but they wouldn't stick either. It was especially frustrating because Mike and his gang were stacking them up on his deck like cordwood. The expert gets the blue ribbon again!

Tom and Marge Leach, fishing the south end of Isla San Marcos near the gypsum loading docks, pulled in two beautiful cabrilla of 18 and 10 pounds. They also got two small yellowtail in the 8-10 pound class.

The winds came up like gangbusters at Mulege on Wednesday when we had 20-30 knot winds and 4-6 foot seas. One of my neighbors tried to go fishing but turned around at Punta Concepción all wet and beat up! He doesn't believe in weather forecasts. The bad Mulege fishing conditions continued and kept the fleet off the water for the rest of the week and weekend. Improving conditions are being forecast for Mulege at first part of the coming week so I'm back to sharpening more hooks and making sure that my gas tanks are full.

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